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Baby born so small that dad's wedding ring can fit on her arm - Yorkshire Hub

Baby born so small that dad’s wedding ring can fit on her arm

Born three months premature, baby Mollie Perrin was so small her dad could slip his wedding ring on her arm.

Baby Mollie Perrin

Baby Mollie Perrin was so small her dad James could slip his wedding ring on her arm

Proud dad James, 38, took the picture of the miracle baby when he was allowed to cuddle her for the very first time – 25 days after she was born.

Doctors had told devastated parents James and Stephanie, 34, that their daughter may not live more than three weeks.

But 17 weeks on, her proud parents are preparing to bring her home for the first time after she defied doctors’ expectations.

She now weighs a healthy 5lb 10oz.

“After weeks of watching parents come and go with their own babies, it’s finally going to be time to take our little one home,” dad James said.

“The joy and relief we feel is just amazing, we can’t wait to be able to finally be a family, it’s so incredibly special to be able to say we can take Mollie home.”

Mollie was diagnosed with the placental disorder, Intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR), before birth meaning that she wasn’t able to get enough nutrients in the womb.

At their first scan, doctors warned that Mollie would be so tiny and weak that she was unlikely to live more than three weeks.

When they told us, we both just broke down.

There were so many questions we had to ask.

It has been horrific, but the people have really looked after us, we are like a family now.


While pregnant, mum Stephanie was admitted into hospital to have regular ultrasounds to make sure Mollie was still alive.

She was born by emergency cesarean section on April 27 at Hull East Yorkshire Women and Children’s hospital.

Weighing just 470g, a little over 1lb, doctors gave her a slim chance of survival.

She was one of the smallest babies ever to have been born at the hospital that survived.

We knew she would be small, but it took my breath away when we saw her.

It was a shock.

She was so tiny and with all the machines it was scary to see her like that as well.


Fearing the worst, her parents decided to have her christened at the hospital surrounded by her family.

When she was born, we were expecting the worst news and having to take each day as it came.

We just felt sick all the time. In her first week we had gone home and got a call at 5am to say she had taken a major turn for the worse. They didn’t think she would last the day.

It was horrendous. We thought we had lost her by the time we got to the hospital, but she picked herself up when we got there and she has been strong ever since.


Doctors so impressed by Mollie’s survival are now confident that she will catch up with children her own age, even if she is slightly smaller.

And now the delighted parents are preparing to start a normal family life with Mollie at their home in Hull.

“It just shows that it is possible to overcome all the odds, and miracles do happen,” James said.

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