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Bin man caught on CCTV throwing rubbish out of bin and onto the street - Yorkshire Hub

Bin man caught on CCTV throwing rubbish out of bin and onto the street

A council worker is facing suspension after being after being filmed tossing a mum’s rubbish out of her bin, and onto the street.

The incident was captured on CCTV belonging to Debbie Campbell on Saturday in the Seacroft area of the city, where one of Leeds City Council’s bin men was working.

I was horrified, it was like a stranger coming past and disrupting your rubbish and I thought it was very anti-social. It didn’t come across as the type of customer service you would expect.


Debbie had been unable to close the lid of her bin fully, having missed a collection, and had not received anything from the council to say that the lid should be closed. She posted the video on Facebook, after feeling upset at the actions of the collector. The video has since been viewed almost 160,000 times since it was posted on Sunday afternoon.

Responding from Leeds City Council, Executive Member for Environmental Protection, Cllr Mark Dobson said:

The issue here is how the waste was handled, and the way in which it was put into the street. I am pleased however that the crews went back afterwards to collect the remainder of the waste they had left behind.

We take complaints about our service very seriously. We have immediately stood the crew member down and a full enquiry is underway as we look at what went wrong and how we can improve things.

We need the public goodwill and public support, so when something goes wrong we will take action, as we want people to have faith in our service.


Debbie has since been visited by representatives of Leeds City Council to discuss her complaint and says although she isn’t trying to get anyone in trouble, she feels that if members of the public can be fined for dropping litter, those responsible for collecting it should abide by the same rules.

The Council say while it is unacceptable to just leave the bin bags on the pavement, the crew spoke to Debbie to say the truck was full, went to empty it and returned 40 minutes later. They went on to say, “We can’t operate over-full trucks that breach transport regulations, so the crew were right to return. They shouldn’t have left the bags on the pavement, but they did come back as soon as the truck was empty.”

Leeds City Council Bin Collection Tips:

  • Check your bin day here
  • To report a missed collection call – 0113 222 4406
  • Items such as car parts, bricks and syringes cannot go in your black bin
  • Household waste must be contained within your bin with the lid closed
  • The maximum number of bags that can be collected is three

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