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First female First Minister of Scotland elected - Yorkshire Hub

First female First Minister of Scotland elected

Nicola Sturgeon


Nicola Sturgeon makes history as she has been elected as the First Minister of Scotland – the first female to hold the position.

She will be replacing Alex Salmond who resigned from the post yesterday. In September, Salmond has announced his intention to resign as SNP leader and First Minister after the independence referendum defeat.

Speaking to MSPs before the vote, Sturgeon asked for the Parliament’s support for her candidacy as First Minister who will aim big for the country – protecting public services, supporting businesses and tackling inequality.

Acknowledging the big job that needs to be done, Sturgeon said she’s ready and willing to take responsibilities.

MSPs then proceeded to voting for candidates casting 120 votes, 39 of which were abstentions. Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson who also put her name forward for the role got 15 votes. Sturgeon got 66 votes and was eventually sworn in at the Court of Session Edinburgh.

After her election, the 44-year-old promised to be the First Minister of and for all of Scotland, regardless of politics or point of view. She said she will do the job to the best of her ability and fill the “big boots” but wear them in her own way.

As the first ever woman to be Scotland’s First Minister, Sturgeon is hoping that her election will mean greater opportunity for women and send a strong, positive message that there’s no limit as to what women can achieve as long as they work hard enough.

While talking to MSPs, Sturgeon also referred to her eight-year-old niece who was watching from the parliament’s public gallery.

Having described herself as a “working class girl from Ayrshire,” Sturgeon said that she will be very happy to play a part in making the gender pay gap, underrepresentation, and barriers like high childcare costs history so by the time her niece and other little girls become women, they will not have to deal with those issues anymore.

Sturgeon also did not forget the country’s independence and said she’ll continue to argue the case.

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