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Man dragged to safety seconds before train smashes into his car - Yorkshire Hub

Man dragged to safety seconds before train smashes into his car

A man who crashed on to tracks as a train approached is dramatically pulled clear seconds before the locomotive hits.

Video credit: Sky News

Video footage has captured the moment a sheriff’s deputy dragged a driver to safety moments before his car was hit by a train on a crossing.

Authorities said that a car had crashed through the crossing arm in Sunnyvale, California, at around 6.30pm on Monday.

Two deputies were patrolling and spotted the vehicle on the Caltrain tracks. One of the men pulled the male driver from the car seconds before it was struck.

Detective Salvador Zuno, of the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Department, told CBS News: “These deputies did not hesitate, they acted.

“Had they not acted, who knows what would have happened, I believe because of their actions, this person is alive today.”

Det Zuno said the man appeared to be drunk. He has not been identified, but police said he was in his 20s and suffered minor injuries.

Deputy Erick Rueppel ran on to the tracks ahead of the oncoming train to get it to slow down.

He told CBS News: “I’m just happy at the result… nobody died, that would be the worst outcome of this situation. And I’m glad we were here.”

The crash caused delays of up to 45 minutes as the northbound track was closed. Crews also repaired the crossing arm and pole.

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