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More cash needed for disappearing Yorkshire coastline - Yorkshire Hub

More cash needed for disappearing Yorkshire coastline

An MP has stated that Government need to “up its act” if the erosion of the Yorkshire coastline is to be addressed. Sir Greg Knight feels Government is not doing enough in response to the fast erosion of the coastline.

Government needs to pump in more money to resolve the Yorkshire coastline erosion situation.

Government needs to pump in more money to resolve the Yorkshire coastline erosion situation.

Like many campaigners, Sir Greg is calling upon Government Ministers to visit the coastline so that they could appreciate the real problem the country faces on this end. He has since advocated for the revision of the relocation fund which was set up to assist Yorkshire homeowners who are threatened by the Yorkshire coastline erosion.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council has for some time been asking for an exclusive funding that would help it mitigate the problem although many seaside residents have since relocated thanks to a Government grant implemented through Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

“There might be a case for further funding being allocated. It depends on the problem, but if it accelerates then I’m happy to go to ministers to ask them to look at this again to make more available,” Sir Greg stated to the press.

He emphasised the need for Government to re-look at the situation and tune its response to what is obtaining as the problem has greatly deteriorated.

“If a pot of money is put aside based on an assumption and the situation changes or is different to what was predicted, the Government should be prepared to revisit it,” he said.

The issue of the North Sea devouring the fields, roads and even villages near the coast was first tabled before the House of Commons in 1911. Then, it was understood that the erosion had been going on for hundreds of years. It is estimated that 200 homes would completely disappear over the next century. These are residences situated between Flamborough Head, near Bridlington, and Spurn Point, 45 miles further south.

“When people purchased their homes it was at a cheaper price and they were made aware of the risks, but I think it’s happening slightly quicker than people expected. If there are constituents who feel they weren’t made fully aware of the risk I would look into their case for compensation,” observed Sir Greg.

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